How not to procrastinate

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How paying conscious attention to our thoughts, motives, and actions can propel us into happiness

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And how to develop it

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Empathy is a hidden quality that is the cornerstone of strong relationships.


Fight the feeling of getting overwhelmed by using targeted self-talk.

A sapling growing through rock crevices.
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Tips for saving storage space in Google Photos

A ladder against a rugged hill.
A quick ladder can get you to your target faster (Image by Robert R. from Unsplash)

#1 Drown your Message in Self-Created Noise

Keep reminding your child of what you have already said to them N number of times. Let your meaningful message get lost in your self-created noise. Drown them in, “I…

A poster in red and purple showing the four key differences between a happy and an unhappy attitude.
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A feather being released by a hand into a water body surrounded by mountains.
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Strategies for success

Shoes and legs of two people are visible with text printed on floor “Passion Led Us Here”
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